Grande Ronde River Fishing

The Grande Ronde River has excellent opportunities to catch Smallmouth Bass in the section below the Bogan's Oasis and Rainbow Trout above Bogan’s Oasis. In addition, there is excellent Steelhead fishing throughout the river starting October 15 until the spring thaw (March).

The best places to fish for trout is in the upper section of the river. Between the Wildcat Bridge and the town of Troy the road follows close to the river, allowing for easy access. Above the Wildcat Bridge the fishing is excellent if you are willing to walk along the river. The best time to fish for trout is in June and July.

Smallmouth Bass are unbelievably plentiful. It is common to catch and release 30-50 in a day while floating this section of the river. The best time to fish for bass on the Grande Ronde is during late summer when the water warms. Be sure to fish the river with barb-less hooks.