Swimming At Wallowa Lake

The East and West Fork of the Wallowa River feed the lake with crystal clear snow melt, making Wallowa Lake one of the clearest lakes in the world. Locals like to joke as they jump in, that the water was snow five minutes ago. Really though, after a few weeks of hot weather the water is very nice and refreshing.

You'll find developed swimming areas at both the head and foot of the lake. Both locations provide a shallow sandy area to wade-in and the color of the water makes it so inviting! The beaches are almost never congested and the shore at the south end near the campground has plenty of room. The beach on the south end almost disappears as the lake fills in the spring. Usually by July it's back again and by September its over a 100 yards to the water.

The water is so clear that with a mask and snorkel you can enjoy watching fish, especially along the west shore. Boat traffic during weekdays and even on many weekends is light, providing a safer swimming environment for those who like to swim outside the buoys.

Be aware, there are no lifeguards on the lake but the Sheriff's boat is usually on the water on weekends.